The LDAP Swiss Army Knife Server

Information security firm Packet Storm published a blog post about the LDAP Swiss Army Knife, a simple LDAP server (implemented using the UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java) that can be used for LDAP security-related testing, including intercepting plaintext credentials, forwarding NTLM credentials, and exploiting various LDAP-related vulnerabilities. They also posted a PDF document from pentesting firm SySS that describes a number of ways to use it for LDAP security-related testing.

Adldap2 10.0.11

Adldap2 is a PHP package that provides LDAP authentication and directory management tools. The project has just released version 10.0.11, which appears to add query logging, support the homePhone attribute, utility methods for dealing with DNs, and access to additional information when interacting with FreeIPA. It also improves support for StartTLS so that it will now lazily establish connections when using StartTLS and to make it easier to obtain information about errors in StartTLS processing.