LDAP Tool Box Password Policy Module for OpenLDAP 1.8

The LDAP Tool Box project provides a set of LDAP-related applications, administrative tools, and other utilities. They have just released the version 1.8 of their password policy module for OpenLDAP, which is an overlay that can check the quality of passwords whenever they are changed. The main improvement in the 1.8 release is that it fixes an issue that could cause OpenLDAP to crash if checking to ensure that the password does not match a value in the entry’s RDN, and it encounters an RDN with very short values.

Deploying the ForgeRock platform on Kubernetes using Skaffold and Kustomize

ForgeRock engineer Warren Strange has written about changes to their ForgeOps repository to help with Deploying the ForgeRock platform on Kubernetes using Skaffold and Kustomize. This includes ForgeRock Directory Services, as well as other products like Access Manager, Identity Manager, and Identity Gateway.

NOTE: Warren’s blog seems to require JavaScript to see any content. The post is mirrored at https://forum.forgerock.com/2019/08/deploying-forgerock-platform-kubernetes-using-skaffold-kustomize/, and that does not require JavaScript to read the content.

PingCloud Private Tenant

On Monday, Ping Identity announced the launch of a new offering, PingCloud Private Tenant. Although both the website landing page for the product and the associated press release do a shockingly terrible job of describing the service, it’s basically a hosted version of the Ping Identity Directory Server (and/or PingFederate). You can get the performance, functionality, and feature set of the Directory Server without having to run it yourself (managing the hardware, OS, software, backups, security, etc.). It looks to be a similar offering to what JumpCloud provides, but with the Ping Identity Directory Server rather than OpenLDAP or ActiveDirectory behind the scenes.

389 Directory Server

The 389 Directory Server version has been released. According to the release page, updates in this release include a fix for the server’s behavior when a search included “1.1” as a requested attribute along with other attributes, an update to the order in which password policy controls may be returned, and an update to the UI for configuring a password policy.