ruby-net-ldap 0.17.0

The ruby-net-ldap project provides LDAP support for the Ruby programming language. They have just released version 0.17.0 of the library, which appears to include the following changes over the previous 0.16.3 release:

  • Added support for a client-side recursive delete option that is an alternative to the server-side subtree delete control
  • Fixed an issue with password encoding in which the base64 encoder could insert line breaks in long values
  • Added support for an “==” operator for comparing entries
  • Removed a deprecated “connection refused” error

LdapRecord 2.0.0

LdapRecord aims to provide a simple way to interact with LDAP entries using PHP. The project has released version 2.0.0, which appears to include the following changes:

  • Added the ability to delete specific values instead of just the entire attribute
  • Added the ability to generate an account control query filter
  • Added the ability to extend DomainConfiguration with custom options
  • Added the ability to flush all connections from a container
  • Added support for groups when suing an OpenLDAP model
  • Updated LDAP operations to throw an exception upon failure
  • Refactored some API methods

389 Directory Server 2.0.1

The 389 Directory Server project has released version 2.0.1. Some of the changes in this release appear to include:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause high CPU utilization during changelog trimming.
  • Fixed an issue in which post-operation plugins may not be invoked for configuration changes.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a replication keep-alive entry from being created after online initialization.
  • Add new access log fields that cover the length of time that a request waited to be processed and the time the server actually spent processing it.
  • Improve compatibility with encoded passwords imported from OpenLDAP.