LdapRecord 3.1.3

LdapRecord aims to provide a simple way to interact with LDAP entries using PHP. The project has released version 3.1.3, which appears to fix an issue in which the presence of a diagnostic message in an operation response could cause the API to consider the operation a failure, even if the response had a successful result code.

UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java 6.0.10

UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java is a Java-based API for interacting with LDAP directory servers and performing other LDAP-related processing. The project has just released version 6.0.10, which includes the following changes:

  • Added the ability to reuse connections when following referrals
  • Fixed a parallel-update issue that could cause reject log file corruption
  • Added a method for obtaining encoded SASL PLAIN credentials
  • Added methods for getting JSON number values as Integer or Long objects
  • Added a method for getting a compact stack trace representing the code location from which it was called
  • Added support for a Ping-proprietary access log field request control
  • Added support for Ping-proprietary generate access token request and response controls
  • Updated ds-pwp-state-json support to include new fields indicating whether a user’s password is encoded with current settings
  • Updated the documentation to include the latest versions of draft-ietf-kitten-scram-2fa, draft-melnikov-scram-bis, and draft-melnikov-scram-sha3-512

go-ldap 3.4.6

The go-ldap project has released version 3.4.6 of its LDAP API for Go. Some of the changes in this release include:

  • Fixed potential panics in GetLDAPError
  • Fixed a potential thread deadlock
  • Fixed a potential race condition on a request timeout
  • Added the ability to perform asynchronous searches
  • Added support for acting as a syncrepl consumer
  • Updated ldap.Error to better support Go’s errors.Is and errors.As functions
  • Improved support for the Active Directory DirSync control when performing asynchronous searches
  • Substantially reduced the maximum BER packet size to reduce the potential for consuming very large amounts of memory

LdapRecord 3.1.2

LdapRecord aims to provide a simple way to interact with LDAP entries using PHP. The project has released version 3.1.2. Changes in this release include:

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Relation::setModelResolver in AppServerProvider from working properly
  • Added the Stringable interface to all classes containing a __toString() method

LDAP Tool Box slapd-cli 3.2

The LDAP Tool Box project provides a set of LDAP-related applications, administrative tools, and other utilities. They have just released version 3.2 of their slapd-cli tools (formerly called openldap-initscript), which provide a set of command-line tools for OpenLDAP. The primary change in this release appears to be a fix to an issue in the check_sync tool in which it could not handle a base64-encoded olcsyncrepl attribute.