Welcome to the *New* New LDAP.com

Welcome to the new new version of LDAP.com. You may or may not remember a few years ago when a new version of LDAP.com was launched by UnboundID Corporation. Shortly after that, UnboundID was acquired by Ping Identity, and despite being very committed to LDAP directory services (note: this is my personal observation; I do not speak for Ping Identity in any official capacity), they have decided to transfer the domain to me instead of maintaining the site themselves.

The “me” in this case is Neil Wilson. I was one of the founders of UnboundID, and now I work for Ping Identity (but again, all thoughts expressed on this site are my own and do not in any way constitute an official statement or position by my employer). I’m a Principal Engineer for LDAP-related products, including the Ping Identity Directory Server, Ping Identity Directory Proxy Server, and UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java. Before Ping and UnboundID, I worked at Sun Microsystems, where I was involved with the development and maintenance of the iPlanet Directory Server and Sun Java Systems Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE), and then I was one of the creators of the OpenDS project. Before Sun, I worked at Netscape as a technical support engineer for the Netscape and iPlanet Directory Server products, and before that, I worked as a server administrator an LDAP-enabled application developer for Caterpillar, Inc. and TidePoint Corporation. All in all, I’ve been doing LDAP in some form or another since 1999, and I still like it a lot.

I’d like to primarily make this a technical site and one that is largely vendor-agnostic. I want to advocate LDAP as a technology, but not any one vendor’s products. I’ve created pages that list the most popular directory server software, LDAP client APIs, and LDAP-related tools, and I hope to keep it up to date. If you know of software that’s actively being maintained that isn’t listed on this site, then please contact me to suggest its inclusion. And if you’re involved with a product that is already listed and you want to let me know about a new release of that product, then feel free to drop me a line and I’ll announce it here.

I’ve got lots of ideas for new content to publish on the site, but it might take some time to clean up the existing content so please bear with me. You can use RSS to be notified of new posts that I add to the site, and you can follow @ldapdotcom on Twitter for information about site updates and other LDAP-related news.