Expanding LDAP Blog Post Coverage

Some of the primary goals of the LDAP.com site are to serve as a resource for learning about LDAP and related technologies, and to help you keep up to date with news and new developments. The Learn, Use, and Reference sections of the site help with the former, while the Blog section targets the latter.

Although I’m a developer for a specific LDAP server and for a specific client API, I’ve always tried to keep the LDAP.com site as impartial as possible. I don’t want to promote any one implementation over the others. As such, while I’m always happy to write a new blog post about a new release of LDAP-related software, I’ve tended to shy away from linking to blog posts or other articles that primarily deal with a specific product.

After some consideration, I’ve decided to change that policy. I want to make it easier to find useful LDAP-related information, regardless of what software you’re using. So I’m going to start linking to LDAP-related articles and blog posts even if they are specific to a particular implementation and aren’t really applicable to anyone not using that software. You can just ignore posts that aren’t pertinent to your specific use case.

Note that I’m still going to use some discretion when it comes to deciding what to post. For example, if a post is just an advertisement that doesn’t provide any real, useful information to someone already using that product, then I’ll skip it. Similarly, I’m not going to link to a post that bashes competing products. There are certainly some of those kinds of posts out there, but they fortunately seem to be in the minority.

To kick things off, here are some recent-ish posts that I decided not to post when they were originally published because of their vendor-specific nature:

389 Directory Server

ForgeRock Directory Services


Ping Identity

If you’ve got something that you think might be of interest or use to some LDAP-related audience, then please feel free to drop me a line at feedback@ldap.com and I’ll take a look.