389 Directory Server Versions,, and

The 389 Directory Server project has released announced three new releases, for versions,, and According to the release notes for each version, some of the changes include:

  • Fix a potential crash when retrieving information about nonleaf entries (all three versions)
  • Fix a potential crash on SUSE Linux with SELinux (versions and
  • Fix a potential crash in SASL bind processing (version
  • Fix an etime formatting issue in access log messages (all three versions)
  • Fix an issue in which the server may fail to log an error message when failing to parse an object class (all three versions)
  • Ensure that the requested base DN is logged when a search is rejected because of an invalid attribute (version
  • Improve task handling during shutdown (all three versions)
  • Add support for subtree searches with a base DN of the null DN (version
  • Improve performance when trying to retrieve information about nonleaf entries (all three versions)
  • Clean up CLI error output (all three versions)