LDAP Tool Box Service Desk 0.4

The LDAP Tool Box project provides a set of LDAP-related applications, administrative tools, and other utilities. They have just released the 0.4 release of their Service Desk tool, which is a web application for administrators that supports viewing and managing accounts in an LDAP directory server. This release includes the following changes:

  • Provided a Docker image for the service desk application
  • Added multitenancy support with the ability to load different configurations based on the host name provided by the client
  • Added dashboard pages to list locked accounts, idle accounts, accounts with expired passwords, and accounts with passwords that will soon expire
  • Updated the account information display to include the password expiration date when applicable
  • Fixed an issue on SELinux caused by the location of the cache files

Note that features for managing password policy state may only be available for certain types of directory servers.