OpenLDAP 2.5.5 and 2.4.59

The OpenLDAP project has released versions 2.5.5 and 2.4.59 of their LDAP directory server. Some of the changes included in these versions include:

  • Fixed a potential double-free memory management issue (both versions)
  • Fixed a replication issue that could cause changes to be missed (both versions)
  • Fixed a cache locking issue that could cause the server to appear unresponsive (both versions)
  • Fixed issues with TLSv1.3 cipher suite handling (both versions)
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent removing a naming context entry (both versions)
  • Fixed a potential crash when using autogroup (version 2.4.59)
  • Fixed an issue in which slapadd could fail because of improper initialization (version 2.4.59)
  • Fixed a syncrepl issue when both adding and removing a value for a single-valued attribute (version 2.4.59)
  • Fixed a quarantine issue in the metadata backend (version 2.5.5)
  • Fixed an issue in which log messages could potentially be lost immediately after a very fast restart (version 2.5.5)
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect OIDs for the authorization identity request and response controls (version 2.5.5)
  • Fixed an that could prevent encoding passwords with Argon2 (version 2.5.5)
  • Fixed an issue with empty DNs in certain extensible match filters (version 2.5.5)
  • Added an LDAP load-balancing daemon (version 2.5.5)
  • Improved syncrepl refresh performance in certain cases (version 2.5.5)
  • Updated the access log to include the new DN for modify DN operations (version 2.5.5)
  • Updated the client library and metadata backend to support client-side timeouts (version 2.5.5)