389 Directory Server 2.0.6

The 389 Directory Server project has released version 2.0.6. Some of the changes in this release appear to include:

  • Fixed a potential crash in disk monitoring code
  • Fixed a potential crash and other issues resulting from a replication plugin name change
  • Fixed a potential crash resulting from a manual edit to the referential integrity log file
  • Fixed a memory management issue in dbscan
  • Fixed an issue in which the use of ACIs based on the client IP address could cause the server to classify a connection as used for replication
  • Fixed an issue in which temporary password rules are not used in conjunction with a local password policy
  • Fixed an issue in the retro changelog plugin when configured to exclude attributes
  • Fixed an issue that could cause tasks to hang
  • Fixed an issue that could cause ldapsearch to fail when multiple empty attribute descriptions were requested
  • Improved SASL logging
  • Added CLI support for temporary password rules