389 Directory Server 2.0.11

The 389 Directory Server project has released version 2.0.11. Changes in this release appear to include:

  • Fixed an issue in which promoting or demoting a replica could crash the server
  • Fixed an issue in which a replica could encounter a deadlock
  • Fixed a memory leak in ldap-agent
  • Updated the CSN generator to limit time skew drift
  • Fixed an issue with PBKDF2 password encoding in FIPS 140-2-compliant mode
  • Fixed an issue in which max_failure_count could be reached too soon on a slow machine
  • Improved targetfilter ACI evaluation performance
  • Fixed an uninitialized variable issue in the logconv.pl script
  • Improved validation for automember configuration
  • Fixed an issue that arise if the /etc/hosts file had an invalid entry
  • Fixed a compatibility issue resulting from an attribute syntax change
  • Added the ability to create groups in the LDAP editor
  • Fixed an issue in which the editor tree was not being properly updated