389 Directory Server 2.3.0. and 2.2.3

The 389 Directory Server project has announced new releases of versions 2.3.0 and 2.2.3. From the release announcements, it looks like the changes both versions were largely the same, and they include:

  • Fixed potential crashes in replication processing
  • Fixed a potential crash in LDIF import processing
  • Fixed various memory leaks and other memory management issues
  • Fixed an issue with the replication keep-alive interval
  • Added a new JSON-formatted security audit log
  • Fixed an issue with dscreate on systems running SELinux
  • Fixed an issue that prevented importing a certificate chain
  • Fixed an issue in which a transaction was not aborted after failing to create a managed entry
  • Fixed an issue with the way that nscpEntryWsi values are computed
  • Fixed an issue in which the LDAP editor was not updated when switching instances
  • Fixed an issue that could cause suffixes to be converted to all lowercase
  • Fixed an issue with the dsidm user get_dn command
  • Fixed an issue could prevent optime and wtime from being set for rejected connections
  • Added support for TLS certificates with ECDSA private keys
  • Updated sudoers schema to allow UTF-8 values instead of just IA5 values