OpenLDAP 2.6.4 and 2.5.14

The OpenLDAP project has announced the release of versions 2.6.4 and 2.5.14 of their LDAP directory server. Changes included in these releases include:

  • Fixed a variety of memory management issues (both versions)
  • Fixed a few potential deadlock issues (both versions)
  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur when replicating the cn=config subtree (both versions)
  • Fixed a potential crash when the pcache overlay is enabled (both versions)
  • Fixed a potential crash in slapadd (both versions)
  • Fixed an issue with ordering searches on timestamps with trailing zeroes (both versions)
  • Fixed an issue LDAP compare processing when using slapo-dynlist (both versions)
  • Eliminated an unnecessary search performed by slapo-dynlist (both versions)
  • Updated client tool usages to remove references to the -h and -p arguments (both versions)
  • Updated back-mdb to increase the maximum number of indexes from 128 to 256 (both versions)