LDAPjs 3.0.0

LDAPjs is a JavaScript library that provides LDAP protocol support for the Node.js environment. The project has just released version 3.0.0, which appears to include the following changes:

  • Updated the library to break out common modules (attribute, change, controls, dn, messages, and protocol) so that they can be separately installed.
  • Forked the and improved the filter and asn1 modules.
  • Updated all DN parsing to be strict. Lenient parsing is no longer available.
  • Updated modify processing to require change objects. Plain objects can no longer be used as change descriptors.
  • Updated the server so that it defaults to a listen address of rather than if no host parameter is specified.
  • Although originally planned, support for the virtual list view control was not included in this release, but it appears to be expected for a future release.