LDAP Tool Box White Pages 0.4

The LDAP Tool Box project provides a set of LDAP-related applications, administrative tools, and other utilities. They have just released the version 0.4 of their White Pages application, which is a PHP application that allows searching for and displaying information contained in an LDAP directory. Changes in this release appear to include:

  • Added the ability to negate filter components when performing a search
  • Improved support for displaying addresses using the LDAP postal address syntax
  • Improved support for displaying information for attribute types configured as a list
  • Added support for displaying location information in maps
  • Improved vcard support for groups
  • Added the ability to have a gallery containing members of a group
  • Added the ability to use gravatar to obtain photos
  • Added support for LDAP values that should be interpreted as raw bytes
  • Added the ability to configure a network timeout
  • Disabled error reporting when debugging is disabled