go-ldap 3.4.5

The go-ldap project has released version 3.4.5 of its LDAP API for Go. Some of the changes in this release include:

  • Added a function for escaping DNs
  • Added CLDAP support to DialURL
  • Added support for SSPI GSSAPI SASL bind
  • Added support for server-side sort controls
  • Added support for unmarshalling generalized time and DN values
  • Added support for the DirSync control in searches
  • Deprecated an unnecessary wrapper for DialWithDialer and DialWithTLSConfig
  • Fixed an issue with referral decoding
  • Fixed an error in search processing with paging
  • Fixed a parsing error for DNs with equal signs in attribute values
  • Fixed a potential deadlock issue with invalid connection state
  • Fixed the way the API handles panics and unexpected responses